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Welcome to Tuesday's Saved Rounds, where we send out all the goodies we couldn't squeeze into our Sunday newsletter.

📢 BREAKING NEWS: On Sunday, we talked about Boeing’s acquisition of Spirit Aero and ended on a note about a looming legal situation over the 737 MAX crashes. Boeing has agreed to accept a plea deal to avoid a criminal trial. Boeing, who could be barred from federal contracts, has already initiated talks with the Pentagon to manage the fall-out. The move has precedent—in 2006 the Air Force cited “compelling national interest” to let Boeing do business after another criminal and civil settlement.

They Said It
"Today when we operate in space it's really positional warfare. And typically, that's because we only have the fuel we've launched with and so we never want to move or if we do, we always ask the question of how much life is this going to take off the back end of the satellite."

— Gen. Stephen Whiting, head of U.S. Space Command, on how on-orbit refueling could unblock the current restrictions with positional warfare in space

Zoom in

The Air Force’s $130B Sentinel ICBM missile program has been in the news for cost estimation and program management woes, but there’s another battle lurking.

Zoom in here to learn more about the ongoing battle between BAE Systems and Guidehouse for the program’s $12B integration support contract.

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In that Number

45 hours

The Air Force flew a Boeing KC-46A Pegasus on a record 45-hour nonstop flight around the world.

Check our exclusive interview with Anduril and General Atomics about the Air Force’s Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) program. These 2 companies were recently selected to build the first air vehicles.

The Air Force expects to buy 100+ CCAs by 2029, with an overarching goal of fielding 1,000+ CCAs and realizing the program’s goal of cost-effective scalability.

Check it out!

Saved Rounds

and finally…

  • Lockheed Martin was awarded a $520m production contract for Block 70/72 F-16s with L3Harris’ Viper Shield electronic warfare suite for Bahrain, Bulgaria, Morocco, Slovakia, and Taiwan

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