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They Said It
“The defense industrial base is being actively targeted by our adversaries and competitors, particularly by the People’s Republic of China. They are acting with increasing agility and sophistication, which we must continue to outpace.”

Gen. Timothy Haugh, commander of CYBERCOM

Zoom in

Once reserved for spy agencies, space-based radar imagery and the ability to detect and pinpoint the locations of radio frequency (RF) emissions from space are rapidly transitioning to the commercial sector. Some of these offerings are sold to the government at various classifications—while others you can buy online with a credit card.

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In that Number

More than 1,500

Ukraine’s intel agency reported that their crowd-funded satellite from ICEYE has collected nearly 4,200 SAR images that were used to strike more than 1,500 Russian targets since August 2022 when the initiative began.

Check our exclusive interview with Anduril and General Atomics about the Air Force’s Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) program. These 2 companies were recently selected to build the first air vehicles.

The Air Force expects to buy 100+ CCAs by 2029, with an overarching goal of fielding 1,000+ CCAs and realizing the program’s goal of cost-effective scalability.

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