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They Said It
“Whether it's driven by concerns over the budget, or concerns over technology, or uncertainty on the future of manned fighter designs—there's a bunch of open questions here.”

Doug Royce, an aviation analyst with Forecast International, on the Air Force’s recent tone shift in committing to the 6th-gen Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) aircraft program

Zoom in

Affordable mass and attritable systems from the affordable-but-plentiful school of thought are wildly popular. But like all things in strategy and military forces, it’s not binary.

Zoom in here to read about the strategic importance of superior-performing weapons in modern warfare and their role in virtual attrition—degrading enemy efficiency through psychological and operational pressures rather than physical destruction.

In that Number


Rheinmetall is pitching a containerized launcher packed with 126 kamikaze drones.

Mike and Jake host Palantir CTO Shyam Sankar to talk about software-defined warfare, defense modernization, and all the things we’d change to drive innovation to help the warfighter.

No topic was off limits—including the time when Palantir sued the Army.

Even though Shyam is a software tech executive, we spent most of the time talking about culture, leadership mentalities, history, and structure changes that are as relevant in the Pentagon as they are in any other industry.

Of course, no episode would be complete without some lively banter and spicy takes!

Check it out!

Saved Rounds

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