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In that Number


Norway and Denmark were approved to buy 384 AIM-120C-8 missiles for $2.1B.

By comparison, the US military plans to buy 457 AIM-120s this year (831 if you count the multi-year block buy)

Word of the Week

NIPRGPT: this is a portmanteau of NIPRNet (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network) and ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)

What it Matters: The Air Force launched an experimental AI chatbot called NIPRGPT that operates on unclassified networks. Its freely available to users with a DoD Common Access Card

They Said It
“If another Osprey goes down, we’re done. This program is done.”

— Rep. Stephen Lynch expressing frustration over the V-22’s string of mishaps, urging to ground the Osprey until the new clutch is ready, rather than risk another fatal accident

New Podcast!

Mike and Jake host Palantir CTO Shyam Sankar to talk about software-defined warfare, defense modernization, and all the things we’d change to drive innovation to help the warfighter.

No topic was off limits—including the time when Palantir sued the Army.

Even though Shyam is a software tech executive, we spent most of the time talking about culture, leadership mentalities, history, and structure changes that are as relevant in the Pentagon as they are in any other industry.

Of course, no episode would be complete without some lively banter and spicy takes!

Check it out!
In that Number


Kayhan Space unveiled its Satcat space intelligence tool, a free service that tracks 60,000+ objects in orbit, from active satellites to drifting debris.

Zoom in

Did you know that only 2 companies—SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance—are eligible to fly National Security Space Launch missions? Blue Origin was just added to the contract to perform initial assessments and mission assurance and is likely to become the third. But there is still a long way to go.

Zoom in here to see how the Space Force plans to boost competition in this launch sector.

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