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They Said It
“Right now, you and I can go to a Cabela’s, we can buy a radio, we can go to a trade show, put it out on a table, and we can say it’s a form of resilient communication, because there’s no standard.”

Samir Mehta, L3Harris’s president of communication systems, on the lack of a definition or standard for ‘resilient communication’ in the Department of Defense, which is leading to confusion with the rise of commercial communications providers claiming resiliency. He further compared the call to action to something akin to NSA encryption standards.

pop culture footnote: Cabela's is a retailer that specializes in hunting/fishing/outdoors—like Bass Pro Shops (which owns Cabela’s).

Zoom in

Spend any time in defense tech, and inevitably, you’ll come across an “evil incumbent prime” vs. “disruptive start-up” narrative and how Lockmart/Boeing/Northrop/RTX have too much market share and too much power. But what if there were a way to cut costs, increase competition, and foster innovation….by boosting valuations of the primes?!?

Zoom in here on a completely counter-intuitive idea to reset the defense industry and prime the pump for innovation.

In that Number

22.5 hours

An Air Force project capstone recently demoed the ability to design, build, and fly autonomous drones in less than 24 hours. They did it in 22.5 hours.

A big enabler was software from startup Titan Dynamics, which permits ultra-rapid attribute-based designing of drones for 3D printing.

 Supported by Vultron

Vultron’s federal proposal development AI platform is the only multi-domain expert language engine for government contractors.

Federal Proposals. Less time. Exceptional results.

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