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They Said It
“The dogs like spend five minutes sniffing each other’s butts. That’s the phase I think we’re in. We just need to get off that. Nobody’s here to hurt anybody. Everybody’s a dog; we’re all on the same team; we’re all going to get a chance to play,” he said. “Put your baggage behind you and get focused on the real problem.”

Lt. Gen. David Miller, head of Space Operations Command, describing the fight inside the Intelligence Community over satellite-based ISR

Zoom in

Spend time in US defense circles when China comes up, and you’re likely to hear about the potential 2027 Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Zoom in here to learn how a 2027 invasion became such a fixation.

In that Number

$9.7 Billion

The Air Force needs another $9.7 Billion to repair the damage to its Guam airbase incurred by a typhoon last year. Roughly $4.4 Billion has been spent to date.

Saved Rounds

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