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They Said It
“I don’t have the capability to take in 40 things or 50 things at the same time. The problem [that] the staff and I have talked a lot about is that integration and sharing [of data], trying to compile that data on one screen, one pane.”

— Rear Adm. Jim Aiken, on the wave of new drone systems and the problems they are creating due to the lack of integrating the data those systems are generating

Zoom in

Thanks to the falling costs of launching things into space, the number of satellites with sensors in orbit has rapidly grown, and access to this data has never been easier. That is unless you’re in national security with the US government.

Zoom in here to learn more about the ongoing bureaucratic fight over access (or gating access) to Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) satellite sensor data.

In that Number

10% and 15%

The Russian air force has lost only 10 percent of its fleet in Ukraine since the 2022 invasion, but Russia’s army has grown by 15 percent over the same timeframe.

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Saved Rounds

And finally…

  • Mission Space Acquisition raised $100m and filed to go public—it’s a blank check company (aka a SPAC) that intends to acquire aerospace and defense companies and take them public (cash out on the stock exchange)

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