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They Said It
“Committing to one, as good as that company might be, would perhaps foreclose other options because there’s so much innovation with new companies in that space.”

— Assistant Secretary of the Army Doug Bush, on the service’s hesitation to commit to buying large amounts of drones from any company because the technology is maturing too fast. We’ve got the perfect meme for this situation.

Zoom in

Space-based communication is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors out there. While SpaceX’s Starlink gets most of the attention, some business movements amongst the rest of the sector have promising military applications.

Zoom in here to learn more about how commercial firms are partnering to create multi-orbit hybrid networks for the military.

In that Number


The US Navy requested $16.6B to procure 75 aircraft—13 F-35B, 13 F-35C, 3 MQ-25, 19 CH-53Ks, and 27 T-54 multi-engine trainers.

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