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They Said It
“a relatively modest investment with significant geopolitical returns”

— CIA Director William Burns, on the US strategy of providing military aid to Ukraine. The assistance amounts to less than 5% of the US defense budget.

Zoom in

Check out this picture. On the left are 4 critical US weapon systems—including 3 that comprise the nuclear triad (bomber, ICBM, and sub). This is a supply chain map to their Chinese semi-conductor suppliers. It’s from a new Govini paper on defense acquisition, US production, and China.

Zoom in here to download the full report.

In that Number


Lockheed Martin plans to reduce its workforce by 1 percent in 2024. Given it has roughly 122,000 employees, this translates into 1,200 layoffs.

Saved Rounds

And Finally…

  • The Air Force is testing a software tool built by DEFCON AI that performs operational analysis in minutes to provide courses of action to overcome disruptions to logistics missions (weather, aircraft maintenance, attack, etc.) 

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