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They Said It
“The order volume will enable MBDA to set up a production facility for Patriot missiles in Germany.”

Thomas Gottschild, managing director at MBDA Germany, on the announcement of a $5.5B order for 1,000 Patriot missiles from a European coalition involveing Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania.

If you’re confused why a European company is building a US weapon: thank the Cold War. The contract is going to COMLOG, a joint venture between MBDA Germany and RTX (Raytheon) established in 1987 to store and maintain Patriot missiles in Europe. Now they are going to start building them.

Zoom in

There’s been lots of talk about China and the Indo-Pacific. But, the “Indo” has been lacking in recent conversations.

Zoom in here to learn why the Indian Ocean could be China's Achilles' heel in a war with Taiwan.

In that Number


The Army plans on cutting 157 UH-50 Blackhawk helicopters from it’s active-duty fleet, a 7.5% reduction of the service’s total H-60 fleet

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