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They Said It
“Sometimes we have a tendency to over promise and under deliver. We need to flip that to where, when we’re intellectually honest, when we’re honest with ourselves from a technology capability, that we have an agreed upon sight picture of what it’s going to look like to deliver that capability.”

— Rear Adm. Fred Pyle, director of surface warfare requirements for the Navy, on the frustratingly slow pace of fielding directed energy weapons on ships

Zoom in

The Department of Defense is the world’s largest bureaucracy, with a mind-blowing labyrinth of processes, internal power plays, and competing interests. To be successful in the defense tech industry, the best solution does not win—the ability to navigate the process to sell it does.  

Zoom in here for a comical (and fantastic) breakdown of how things really work inside the Pentagon.

In that Number


German drone maker Quantum Systems has recorded a 3X increase in deliveries to Ukraine, with its last order totaling 300 drones. Quantum is currently finalizing an agreement to create a spare parts plant in Ukraine.

Saved Rounds

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