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They Said It
“We have them now stacked up in warehouses.”

— Rear Adm. Seiko Okano on how fast Raytheon’s automated production line is cranking out AN/SPY-6 radars.

The SPY-6 family of radars (4 variants) is being integrated across the Navy’s service fleet and has demoed some impressive capes so far.

Zoom in

Those who deal with the Pentagon know of the long-standing insistence on the government owning intellectual property, mostly stemming from all the scar tissue surrounding ‘vendor lock.’ But is there more to the story?

Zoom in here for an in-depth analysis from Palantir Technologies on how this mentality is bleeding over into commercial intellectual property and threatening to poison the innovation well.

In that Number

$3 Billion

Britain pledged over $3 Billion for Ukraine’s military aid in 2024.

Saved Rounds

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