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👉 OOPS Apparently, the “strategy without resources is simply a hallucination” that we quoted sounded a bit too similar to a variation from “vision without execution is hallucination,” a quote often attributed to Thomas Edison….which is itself a variation from an ancient Japanese proverb: "vision without action is a daydream”…maybe. BL: No Ivy League presidents were harmed in the making of this quote.

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They Said It
“I do not want a from-scratch software development program. The Army has enough failed software-development programs.”

Mark Kitz, Army PEO for C3T, on the service’s commercial, modular, consortium-based approach to overhauling Army software (AFATDS) that coordinates firepower

PEO C3T: Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical

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Boeing won the KC-46 program based on a low-risk approach that leveraged the company’s 767 airplane—yet it’s lost $7B (and counting) on this program.

Zoom in here to learn why.

In that Number


Turkey’s defense and aerospace exports totaled $5.5B in 2023, up 25% from the year prior.

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Saved Rounds

And Finally…

  • The Air Force and Raytheon tested a new portable AESA radar for the NASAMS missile system.

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